Scarves are this summer’s hottest accessory – whether it is worn on your head or around your neck. However, many fashionistas have a hard time figuring out exactly how to wear this trend. So, we put together this little guide to help you discover ways to wear a scarf.

The Turban

ayesha kapur with ayesha accessories scarf

Twisting up a turban is a fun way to wear a scarf. It shows confidence and a unique fashion sense. We love the look; the picture above shows Ayesha Kapur, rocking her scarf as a perfectly wrapped turban. It’s actually easy to turn a scarf into a turban. Flip your head upside down and drape the scarf over your head as if you’re going to wrap your hair like you would with a towel. Gather the front, twist it into a circle at your hairline and tuck the ends in. Voila!

The Shawl

Angelina Jolie with a scarf around her shoulders

Summer nights aren’t always warm. When a breeze hits, don’t reach for a light cardigan – grab a cute scarf instead. A patterned scarf/shawl looks especially cute draped over your shoulders with a simple, one-colour dress. Or take your cue from Angelina and wrap it all the way around. When it’s early in the night and you’re not ready for that extra coverage, tie it around a strap on your purse and let it dangle.

With a tank top or t-shirt

Jennifer Aniston wearing a scarf

Even in the summer heat, you can still wear a scarf around your neck. A lightweight scarf brings a new layer to a simple tank top or t-shirt. Try complimentary colours like black and white or pair one printed piece with one solid. Either way, jeans and sandals anchor a flowing scarf well, but avoid other flowing items – like a breezy dress – or you won’t look polished.

The cowl neck

ayesha accessories scarf2

Wearing a lightweight summer scarf as a cowl neck is like creating a brand new shirt! Just drape your scarf in a circle around your neck and you’ve got a cute summer look that is distinctly different from a long, flowing scarf. We love this look with big hoop earrings that mimic the circular shape of the scarf. The cowl neck look will also work when the colder seasons arrive. The key to getting the draped look is to keep the scarf loose around your necklace.

The Skull

scarf with skulls

You can also opt to rock a skull printed scarf around your neck to get the perfect punk look.


12 different ways to wear a scarf

So girls don’t forget: MONSOONS ARE ALMOST HERE. Wrap them around your head and neck to protect yourself from the chill breeze and HAVE FUN! 🙂

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Ayesha Kapur
aim for the stars

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